last night’s dream…

Winking Man in the Moon

Winking Man in the Moon


Last night I dreamt that someone was shining a flashlight in my face. And I woke up to find a beautiful blue moon just peaking in my bedroom curtains. Somehow the angle in the wee hours was just right to clear the eves of my house and sneak between the window frame and the curtain and I was facing in the proper direction to feel the light turned on me.

Surprisingly I went back to sleep (I’m an excellent sleeper…most of the time) thinking about the Man in the Moon more than any of the mythical moon goddesses.

Not everyday that you get the moon as your peeping tom.


In my dreams … Notre Dame

Last night I dreamt that I was in the stairwell of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. To get to the top of the towers and see the views (and the gargoyles) is between 387 – 402 steps (depending on which tower and which authority you believe).

I climbed those steps my first day in Paris in spring 2005. I’m not sure why they appeared in my dream last night or even what the context was, but I was transported back to that day. I didn’t take a photo of the tower stairs (too busy struggling to breathe), but I did take photos of the gargoyles and the views.
Sorry about the lint on the scan. This was pre-digital camera for me and I paid the local drugstore to scan the photos.