Arty Tuesday: Cookies/Biscuits by Brown

Christmas in… May?


Plate of Christmas Cookies by Joan Brown (1971)


King Cake 2018 – Week 5

KC 12 – homemade by a coworker. So I’m a little on the fence about including this one. But my coworker made it as his contribution to our weekly king cake feast. He made a Japanese milk bread and the texture is very much like a brioche. He brought jam to put on the bread if you wanted but I thought it was perfect plain, almost savory and so pillowy. I will always accept delicious homemade baked goods!

KC -13 traditional by McKenzies, sold by Tastee Donut. My Mom brought this one to the parade route and because of nonsense a third of it ended up on the ground. I am still sad about this. Delicious, simple and it tastes like my childhood.


Gracious Bakery – Pecan Praline

KC – 14 pecan praline by Gracious Bakery. Picked up just off the parade route on Sunday. Tasty even after being dampened by the rain over the weekend. The pecan praline isn’t my favorite in any cake, but it’s what the visiting nieces wanted so there you go.




And that’s wrap for 2018. 2019 will be a full 2 months long… all the time for king cakes.

King Cake 2018 – Week 4

KC 10 – Traditional from Gambinos. They’ve been making king cakes for decades that the dough is great. I feel like the icing is not what it once was but there isn’t too much of it.

Party Palace traditional

KC 11 – Traditional from Party Palace. Available from area groceries, this one is really close to a cinnamon roll. And usually end up knocking some of the icing off.

Other 4 – King Cake milk shake from Atomic Burger, in a color changing cup! I LOVE their chocolate shake and the KC shake was interesting but since it’s based on cheesecake (one of my least favorite desserts) it wasn’t really for me.

King Cake 2018 – Week 3


NOCCA almond satsuma

KC-7 Traditional French from NOCCA filled with almond paste & satsuma – obviously very different but delicious. Although my youngest nieces were not fans… well the 10 year old liked the puff pastry but the 14 year old thought it was too weird. Purchased at Langenstein’s.

KC-8 cinnamon from Chez Pierre – Another yummy work king cake and I got the baby again. Luckily one of my coworkers adopted for me so I don’t have to bring a 2nd king cake to work this season.

KC-9 bavarian cream from Hi Do – No icing just sugar and this bakery really does have fresh delicious fillings. Yummy



King cake & pistachio macarons

Other-3 King Cake macaron from Sucre. A tad too sweet for me but gorgeous