Top 5 Read for 2012

My #1 read for 2012 is easy. The Poisoner’s Handbook by Deborah Blum which I wrote about back in April about 2 weeks after I had finished it.  I’ve been singing its praises for months.

Numbers 2-? in no particular order. I can’t really say 5 since I’m including a couple of series. (Yes, I know that’s cheating.)

The Fables series of graphic novels. I read #1 through #17 over the past 11 months and while they probably went on past their prime, I love fairy tale re-told.

97 Orchard: an edible history of 5 immigrant families by Jane Ziegelman which also happens to be the 1st book I read in 2012 (finished on January 11th).

Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls by Jane Lindskold which is straight up science fiction which I don’t always read. I wish she written another novel with the same characters or at least in the same universe.

Complete stories of Theodore Sturgeon (v.6-8) and currently reading volume 9 – these are a fascinating look at a prolific writer. I’ve read the first 8 and we’re still only in the late 50s. I like how sometimes he seems so far ahead of his times and then sometimes he’s a total product of his age.

Other books that stood out were Ruined by Paula Morris (although it was a re-read) for book club. The centerpiece of this YA novel is a ghostwalk and while I don’t think the conclusion is entirely successful, it’s a great introduction to New Orleans carnival traditions for non-natives. And, also, re-reading (for the 3rd or 4th time) Chopin’s the Awakening and then having our book club meeting in Grand Isle where it’s partially set. Don’t worry no one walked out into the gulf for good.


Etsy: Happy Trees

My latest Etsy Treasury? Bob Ross & his Happy Little Trees. I remember watching him on PBS as a kid, but my youngest brother & cousin were really into him. He was very calming compared to most of the frenetic TV of the early 80s.

Bob Ross that Inspired my Treasury

Etsy Obsession: Treasuries

I love Etsy. Really, it is inspiring how creative (some) folks are. But one of my real favorite things to do is create treasuries (curated lists) for the non-initiated. Of course, sometimes my ideas don’t really work out either because they are too specific (or odd) or too broad and I’m too lazy to go through all listings.

Anyway, enjoy Robot-Clocks!

Felix, Your New Coffee Clock Robot

Adolescent Blathering vs Now Blathering

Things I miss about Adolescent Blathering:
metabolism – seriously I could eat almost anything and would burn it off in fits of hyperactivity.
super sleep power – now I’m still a good sleeper but nothing compared to my child self who once slept through being hit with a baseball.
iron clad stomach – what’s a good snack right before bed when you’re 15? giant bowl of chocolate ice cream (see metabolism). I could and did eat everything without heartburn/illness/side effects.

Things Adolescent Blathering would be jealous about:
strength – seriously, I am so much physically stronger than I was at 16, it’s kind of ridiculous.
brain editor – OK so maybe it’s not always fully engaged, but at least I have an editor now and don’t say every freaking thing that comes to my mind.
financial freedom – man, I was broke as a teen/20 something. It’s nice to be able to buy myself a pizza without worry…which was to my teen self the most important thing (see again metabolism).