Working in a Coal Mine 50th Anniversary – Zoolander/Devo

For my final post, someone put the Devo version over a series of images from Zoolander that take place in a coal mine. It doesn’t totally work but it’s funny.

So that’s 5 months of posting about Coal Mine, and yes I know it’s officially Working in the Coal Mine but that just always feels like the wrong article to me. Truly an Allen Toussaint classic.




Arty Tuesday: Winged Victory

So she’s not exactly flying and she’s lost her head, but I’ve always loved Winged Victory

Winged Victory of Samothrace (aka Nike of Samothrace) circa 200-190 BCE

And a bonus image of Audrey Hepburn in front of the statue in the classic, Funny Face.

Audrey Hepburn taking a classic fashion shot in front of Winged Victory in Funny Face (1957)

Titanic 100 years later

LoC: The Titanic sailing in ocean

My first knowledge of the whole Titanic mythos came from Upstairs Downstairs; there is episode where the character of a Lady’s Maid (Roberts according to Wikipedia) is a Titanic survivor. I remember being deeply affected by the character and plotline…of course, I was under age 8 probably when I saw it.

When the Kate & Leo movie came out, I wasn’t a huge fan. I thought the special effects were good and the costuming was great. But I wasn’t moved by the modern day story and I thought it was OK.  (My cousin, of course, has a different opinion.)

So why 100 years later are we still talking about this tragedy? I think it’s the way humanity’s technological hubris crashed completely into Mother Nature and we learned who wins in the end. I think it sits in our collective imaginations as a modern day cautionary tale (like don’t talk to wolves in the forest) to never call anything unsinkable/unbreakable/indestructible. You’re just asking Mother Nature to go after you, if you do.

Still interested? Check out the Library of Congress‘ blog post, An Unsinkable Legacy.

Blade Runner

7 versions? Really Wikipedia? They showed the director’s cut on SyFy tonight. I saw the original movie release (with the voice over) at such an impressionable age that I can’t see the version without it and NOT here Harrison Ford in my head. Scary.

I also managed to annoy E by talking about scenes before they happened. I forget that not everyone has this movie memorized.

I still can’t decide if Deckard is a replicant or not though.
I’m still glad that Sebastian isn’t hurt by Roy or Pris.
Sean Young has some scary late 70s hair as her bedhead ‘do.
And, while we’re talking about hair…what was up with Daryl Hannah’s wig?