King Cake tally 2019 – Week 8

So yeah this is days late and I think my thighs are now composed of king cake.

2019-15 homemade by a coworker

The chocolate glaze was interesting and he said it was over proofed but still tasty.


2019-16 Gracious Bakery chocolate

I really wanted to buy a nectar one and now I know much of my family is not into chocolate with pastry but I loved the seni-sweet filling. Plus it came with a king cake origin story from a local student writing program.

Gracious Bakery chocolate

2019-17 & 18 Nonna Randazzo’s traditional and cream cheese

No photos but my brother and sister in law brought 2 king cakes to the parade route on carnival day. It was so cold that we all needed the extra fuel.

4 weeks and 18 different samples. Yum…. Bring on the crawfish


King Cake tally 2019 – Week 7

I get later and later each week. Eleven parades uptown this weekend… my brain is scrambled and my legs are tired.

2019-14: Tartine – cinnamon & cream cheese

The dough was great. The filling was too much for me as usual with cream cheese filled ones.

Tartine king cake

2019-15: Laurel Street Bakery – traditional

Yummy yummy cinnamon yeasty dough AND the baby was inside the cake instead of the center.

Laurel Street Bakery king cake

King Cake tally 2019 – Week 4

I stopped by a party on Sunday and there were multiple king cakes! So I got to try a couple of slivers.

2019-9: Gambino’s Epiphany cake

This one was the standard Gambino’s dough (traditional cinnamon roll style) with a specialty icing (maybe only for King Cake Hub?) that has cream cheese and sprinkles, Chalmette style.

Gambinos epiphany cake

2019-10: Bywater Bakery passion fruit and pineapple

This was a really good dough but I didn’t get that much fruit flavor. Would purchase one and eat more just to see.

Bywater Bakery

2019-11: Maurice’s Pontchatoula strawberry

This is not really a king cake according to family rules but OMG is it a delicious pastry. Many grateful thanks to my coworker who brought this to work this week.

Pontchatoula strawberry

2019-12: Hi-Do Bavarian creme
I have professed my love for Hi-Do repeatedly, and this cream filled is no different. Luscious.

Bavarian creme from Hi-Do

Bonus week 4: king cake sugared donut
Local Dunkin is on on the action.

King Cake tally 2019 – Week 3

It now feels wrong if I don’t have a partially eaten cake hanging out in my kitchen. This is dangerous.

2019-7: McKenzie’s (You’ll Taste the Difference!)

Work king cake of the week. This is the standard against which all traditional king cakes are judged. This one was fresh and soft and just a hint of cinnamon. Since they are sold by Tastee and I guess baked on site, these are fresher than they ever were from the old McKenzie stores.


2019-8: Haydels traditional
Soft and sweet and too much icing/sugar but with some knocked off? Perfect

Haydels traditional

Bonus week 3: Haydels king cake cookie
Because I really need more pastry… But how could I resist! A little underbaked but tasty.Haydels sugar cookie

King Cake tally 2019 – Week 2

Since I had leftovers from all the king cakes last week, I slowed down a little this week.

2019-5: Caludas plain

So I guess this work king cake was technically a duplicate since I had a mini one as my first cake of the year. But the size difference does make a difference. And this one was a bit stale.

Caludas plain

2019-6: Hi Do plain

Thank goodness for King Cake Hub. I was able to grab this delicious Westbank cake on my way home from work. Wonderfully soft dough and it’s not too sweet. My favorite for the last few years.

Hi Do plain

Bonus week 2: because pastry isn’t enough, I stopped by a new chocolate shop. Look at this beautiful king cake flavored bonbon

Piety and Desire bonbon