Picture Post: 11 Dead

It’s all over the news this morning that BP will plead guilty to criminal misconduct over the oil spill that decimated our local waters two years ago.

When I was in Grand Isle last month, we saw this on the beach:

Crosses for the men lost in the BP oil spill 2010

I’m glad their names are being remembered. And I’m glad corporate hubris is being punished…I wish I could believe that it will make a difference long term.



is awesome word…but really I was just thinking I need to create a post with actual words and new ones at that.

But really what have I been thinking about this week? Work (and a new project that I’ve been working on all summer that is supposed to launch on Monday…if the outside contractor doesn’t have a baby over the weekend), the Saints, and the mundane stuff of daily life.

that's me

But mostly I’m avoiding the 9-11 stuff, much like I avoided the news that day. I was at work; my first idea that something was wrong was in the car when the DJ on WWOZ saying that his listeners needed to get to a TV. I came in and everyone at work was already glued to computers. I worked reference and tried to pretend it was a normal day.

My coping mechanisms may not be healthy, but they get me through and for that I am grateful. I cannot watch/read/hear all the memorial stuff going on today. I don’t want to trigger any of my K-nonsense. So instead I’m wishing those with a birthday today, a great day and thinking about my uncle who would have been 84 today.

Tiger, Tiger, Wu

So a WaPo blogger says “There is never a good reason for anyone to be dressed up as a tiger, unless he is employed by Disney…”

Has she heard about New Orleans and our penchant for dressing up? C’mon. I feel like if Congressman Wu had been from Louisiana rather than Oregon no one would have even blinked.

OK, alledgedly assaulting a teenager? That’s not cool. But a tiger costume, no big.