Arty Tuesday Bonus: Fire!

I ran across this piece today


Fire! Fire! (Al Fuoco, Al Fuoco) by Enrico Baj (1964)

And all I could think was how well he would work on Beavis & Butthead:


Tough week

I attended funerals for the parents of three friends this week. So it’s been a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Add to that the death of a musical icon…And I was a bit of a mess.

Luckily, I attended Jazz Fest on Friday and was able to hear Janelle Monae who released her grief out into the universe during her Congo Square set. It was the most moving show I’ve seen in a very long time.

Check out some local press and some amateur video.



Watermelon update

After I researched my watermelon art pieces for September, I knew I needed some immediately! I went to my neighborhood grocery and they had these adorable “personal” sized seedless watermelons. Not quite as delicious as a regular one but more adorable. I patted in my basket like a new toy the entire way through the grocery. I cut it up last night and am already half finished.

How to deal with ghosts…

look it in the face the bad spirits can’t abide being looked at in the face and the good spirits  will look you right back

I just found this draft and it’s just a fragment of a quote from the Benjamin January book series, maybe the 7th volume. For whatever reason this really resonated with me, this is my methodology when walking down city streets by myself. If a passerby won’t look me in the eye, then I’m wary.


Star Bellied Sneetches

Star Bellied Sneetches making fun of a plain bellied Sneetch.

I was contemplating an art theme for December and I decided on stars.  And while I was hunting for art works that inspire or intrigue me, I couldn’t stop saying starbelliedsneetches to myself. I don’t know what it is about that phrase or those characters but I have loved both since I was a little girl.

ALTHOUGH, I would not read the book myself for awhile because one of the other stories in the book (What Was I Scared of?) is about *terrifying* empty green pants that chase a boy through the woods. Yeah. I don’t know why this was so scary.


Enjoy the animated version which was made when I was a kid but I didn’t see it until adulthood and I don’t find the animated sneetches as charming as their still page brethren.

Ummm…what was I thinking?

I woke up from a dream early this morning and thought I should post that to my blog. And then rolled over and fell asleep. The only thing I remember about the dream now? That I wanted to post it and I think it involved the bike I had when I was 10 that was a hand-me-down from family friends.

The bike was bright green and I talked my Mom into buying me a purple glitter banana seat for it. And I know I had a flag on the back that whipped in the wind when you pedaled fast. 

Wonder what that dream was and why I thought I should post about it?