QotD: from Letters of Note

“To match the shoes with the jacket is fey. To match the shoes with the hat is taste.” Written by Gene Wilder in a letter regarding his Willy Wonka costume. Thanks to Letters of Note!


Picture post: Icon shoe challenge

As I have said before, I have a small shoe problem & there is one particular brand that I was obsessed with for a bit. (Say 2006-2010.) Icon brings together my love of shoes & art.

Anyway I own quite a few pairs, thanks to extreme sales & eBay. And I was recently challenged to wear a different pair everyday for 2 weeks. Easy-peasy.  Here’s Monday – Wednesday of this week.


Circus - No listed artist (sort of Chagall-esque to me)


Venice Canal by George Seurat


Lady with a fan by Gustav Klimnt

Shoe Problem

Sometimes I like to take photos of my shoes…

Great Deal from the Occasional Wife

awesome Monkey Keds


on clearance & bought in prep for MG

More MG shoes

Saints shoes

retro suede

Red patent

black patent

suede Cole Haan

Great Deal from Swap

the perfect Blathering shoe