Arty Tuesday: Bonus Monday – icosahedron of antiquity

Plenty of my friends are obsessed with multi-sided dice and with good reason, the antecedents are in pre-history.

Check this die housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Twenty-sided die (icosahedron) with faces inscribed with Greek letters – Egyptian (2nd century B.C.–4th century A.D)

And, of course, no discussion of multi-sided dice can be complete without mentioning the dodecahedron from the Tom Baker era Dr. Who.


Johnny Cash & the Muppets

Thanks to Anne, I was reminded this morning of Johnny Cash‘s appearance on the Muppet Show in 1980.  In this awesome video clip, it’s clear that Johnny was having the best time performing with the Muppets.

According to Jim Henson’s log book, Johnny’s 10 year old son, John was the main force behind him performing and John even got to manipulate one of the ghost puppets. How amazing is that? Interesting that Johnny’s favorite characters were Miss Piggy & Animal; who would have thought that?

Top Chef – episode 14 – Yawn…

Quickfire poboys and judged by a guy from L.A. not La.  – Whatever, but really y’all are going to do fried seafood in its homeland? That’s ballsy. And I love that Roy Choi is giving them the smackdown so points for that. And getting the ratio of smear vs filling vs bread is really important.

I will agree that charbroiled oysters are the business. I don’t usually go to Drago’s for them but they are the originators. And I’ve NEVER seen a Drago’s food truck before.

I love that Shirley is calling him Uncle Emeril.

Great to see Cafe Reconcile featured, and I’m glad they’re showing the kids sampling the food.  Quote of the night from one of the students: It’s not nasty or nothing.

I find that I have less to say as the season goes on. Maybe it’s because New Orleans is being featured less…or in a less creative way.

So maybe my plan to write about the entire season was not a good one. Oh well, live and learn.

Top Chef – episode 13 – country revolution

Wow this techniques challenge looks brutal and to do it for a legend like Jacques Pepin. And, yet, he is so gracious. Why the hell do they need to subtitle him though? People need to use their ears. And now they are subtitling both the other guest chefs…

Five quintessential ingredients of French & Spanish and one is chicken? Really?

Also it’s interesting that the French chef seems to be very nouveau while the Spanish chef is very traditional.

“I don’t even have a box to think in”…yeah, I feel like that often.

I will say the elimination was awful. I, for once, feel sorry for the judges..

* Quick edit to include local TP writer, Judy Walker’s article from today’s paper (yes, I know it’s online; no, I don’t care.) Wow. To sit at the master’s side & learn to chop an onion. I may be a bit starstruck.

Top Chef – episode 12 – all the seafood

Y’all I love me some Louisiana seafood and I would be really sad if I was allergic (like Cheftestant Stephanie…and her simple explanation of any seafood that turns red when boiled or one of the party goers).

Mostly I found this another routine episode. Yes, John Besh has pretty hair and a gorgeous home and he’s clearly an incredibly gracious host. And all the cheftestants are behaving professionally to ensure future employment. I think the Carlos/Nick knifegate nonsense was just editing…and BS for the cameras.

And I cannot believe Carrie turned that beautiful flounder into fritters, my Granny would have fussed at her.

I was surprised by the fish the Chefs chose, some of those are definitely not my favorites. But I guess, go with what you know.

As for the Seafood Industry, they are hugely important to the economy of the state…even more so than big oil, but guess who’s fouling their waters. Grrrrr.

Top Chef – episode 11 – BR bound

Another episode that I watched on demand over a week late, this time. And I’m really glad that I didn’t rush home from dinner with friends, as this episode was pretty boring. Even though I typed the following as I watched, there wasn’t a lot to stir my interest.

I wonder if the pressure is getting to the cheftestants? Or if that’s just the editing?

Why didn’t they hire a real street band instead of this theatrical thing they brought in? Precision drumming like that isn’t really our thing.

Also I wonder if they were given a list of items that are in a commercial school level cafeteria? Because why would you know that…

And for y’all that don’t know it, the drive to Baton Rouge is BORING.And obviously it’s between semesters since they have room in the dorms. Maybe this is Summer semester orientation? If it really is orientation at all.

Maybe I should start watching that Last Chance Kitchen business, but I found it boring last year and can’t see it really stirring my interest this year. And they tell you at the end of each regular episode who won last week, so….

Top Chef – episode 10 – Ate by ya Mamma’s

Holiday parties and business meant that I’m just getting to the last 2 episodes of Top Chef. So on demand…means extra stream of consciousness for some reason…

LOVE Hubert Keller. I would want him as my instructor/mentor in the kitchen forever. He seems so calm and supportive. If he isn’t, please do not burst my bubble.

These sponsored quickfires are kind of annoying; 10k for a recipe with national brand coffee? Yawn. AND risotto is the kiss of death..what are you doing Brian?

Yay Dooky Chase shoutout! Which means we get more Miss Leah in this episode. And they replayed the “Pope quit” quote from her earlier episode. So much love.  AND when Leah Chase is in the room, you get random stories about her Mom and, y’know, Ray Charles.

I love how they juxtapose the Metairie location of Whole Foods and then show a French Quarter store front…like that’s where the WF is. Right. The only grocery in the FQ is Royal Street which used to be an A&P and is now a Rouse’s.  It is stocked tighter then any store if you’ve ever seen.

And I have to admit that Anthony Mackie was correct. I grew up eating potted meat on saltines and/or split Vienna sausages. Then my 2nd brother read the ingredients out loud to me around age 8 and that was it. Never again. Also it appears that Tom Colicchio & Anthony Mackie are buds. Interesting.

I do agree that going home when cooking food that you love and represent home or heart to you is a serious form of torture. And next week they head to Baton Rouge….