Happy Easter!

Try to only eat chocolate bunnies today.


Buddy Rich & Animal

I was reading something regarding the Jazz collections at the Library of Congress and realized that I had confused Max Roach & Buddy Rich somewhere along the line. Yes they are both amazing jazz drummers, but they have really different styles. What always makes Buddy Rich stand out for me is that he was the inspiration of Animal on the Muppet Show AND they played a drum battle together in 1980.


Working in a Coal Mine 50th Anniversary – Zoolander/Devo

For my final post, someone put the Devo version over a series of images from Zoolander that take place in a coal mine. It doesn’t totally work but it’s funny.

So that’s 5 months of posting about Coal Mine, and yes I know it’s officially Working in the Coal Mine but that just always feels like the wrong article to me. Truly an Allen Toussaint classic.



Working in a Coal Mine 50th Anniversary – Dolly, Irma, Allen & Dr. John

As I’m coming to the end of my 4 months! of posting Coal Mine videos, I couldn’t resist this Dolly Parton special from 1989. The hair! The clothes! And of course, Allen Toussaint, Irma Thomas and Dr. John join in … even if it’s not the best version.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Working in a Coal Mine with a variety of renditions.