Your Weekly Conspiracy Theory*

Since I’m so disappointed in how little money (if any) goes to support breast cancer research, I’m really grateful to Rene for the Think Before you Pink website.

Brown is the new black.

Indeed – they’re out there. There is a faction of society who detests the marketing of a disease, especially Pink Ribbons. Since cosmetics tend to get a pass from the FDA on ingredients, many of the items marketed for goodwill/fundraising efforts are horrible for you and the environment.

So…while I do applaud the efforts made by cosmetics companies for fundraising, it would be great if they all made products that are environmentally conscious. During my treatments I couldn’t wear any fragrance (which is a passion of mine), most of my makeup was too irritating and the bath products I loved were also too drying and/or irritating.

You can also check out Think Before You Pink, which along with charitynavigator can help you decide where you’d like your discretionary dollars to do good works.

Today’s  BCC is Living Beyond Breast Cancer. they work to help to create a support…

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