Arty Tuesday: Fall Leaves – Burdeny

As we leave September behind, one last fall leaves post…

Orange Leaves, Ariake Sea, Japan by David Burdeny (2010)

Arty Tuesday: Fall Leaves – Levitan

Today’s fall inspiration feels very modern to me. I was surprised to see it was painted in 1879.

Autumn Leaves by Isaac Levitan (1879)

Levitan was evidently well known for his fall landscapes.

Levitan Zolotaya Osen.jpg
Levitan Zolotaya Osen” by Isaac Levitan Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

Arty Tuesday: Bonus Monday – icosahedron of antiquity

Plenty of my friends are obsessed with multi-sided dice and with good reason, the antecedents are in pre-history.

Check this die housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Twenty-sided die (icosahedron) with faces inscribed with Greek letters – Egyptian (2nd century B.C.–4th century A.D)

And, of course, no discussion of multi-sided dice can be complete without mentioning the dodecahedron from the Tom Baker era Dr. Who.

Arty Tuesday: Fall Leaves – van Gogh

I love when I find a piece by that I’ve never seen before from an artist that I knew well.

Falling Leaves by Vincent van Gogh (1889)

Van Gogh was a big favorite of my grandmother’s so his works always feel a bit like home to me.

Arty Tuesday: Fall Leaves – Munch

Oh look, Edvard Munch has other works besides the Scream (end facetious font).

Rain by Edvard Munch (1902)

Hope you’re enjoying some Fall weather wherever you are.

Arty Tuesday: Fall Leaves – O’Keefe

Living in NOLA, we don’t really have much of  an autumnal season, especially not in September when it’s still just hot. I’ve been places that have actual falls and the trees are pretty. So enjoy this month of colorful leaves

Autumn Leaves – Lake George, N.Y. – Georgia O’Keefe (1924)

Bonus Sunday Art post

I just ran across this photographer, Gray Malin and how I wish I could afford a piece. This Antarctica piece is the perfect respite to a broiling day in New Orleans.

Green Tube Triptych by Gray Malin


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