Arty Tuesday: Candy – Judy Sherman

This is the piece that sort of inspired by July theme. How could I resist Pez and a visual pun?

Batman and Robin by Judy Sherman (c.2014)

TotC 2014: Hurricanes, Hand Grenades & Shark Attack

For the 1st time in years, I actually attended a session and I sure picked the right one.

There were 4 speakers:

  • Richard Campanella on Bourbon Street
  • Wayne Curtis on Hurricanes
  • Brett Martin on Hand Grenades
  • Rien Fertel on Shark Attacks

I was waiting to post this since I hoped to have a video link from…but the audio is non-existent which is sad.  (Listen for your self)

We were given samples of the three drinks, although because of trademark reason we were technically drinking a bomb not a hand grenade. And the speakers were enthusiastic about their topics.

See below for tweets during the seminar:

10:31 AM – 16 Jul 2014 – I have already been given a straw fedora.

10:41 AM – 16 Jul 2014 - Craft cocktail enthusiasts may dismiss hurricanes but it’s been popular for 6 decades Craft cocktail enthusiasts may dismiss hurricanes but it’s been popular for 6 decades

10:41 AM – 16 Jul 2014 - Also hurricanes made with actual fruit juice ate dangerously delicious

11:11 AM – 16 Jul 2014 - As is talking about his hurricane research, I’m formulating search strategies

11:20 AM – 16 Jul 2014 - When I was I hs I had friends who eschewed the hurricane for the rainbow at Pat O’s. Or more classically the pousse cafe

11:20 AM – 16 Jul 2014 - QotD from : hurricane is the heirloom that you can drink

11:23 AM – 16 Jul 2014 - Omg I went to the tropical paradise at the 84 World’s Fair. Yes I was under age.

11:40 AM – 16 Jul 2014 - Remember when the hand grenades hit Bourbon. Definitely ‘s most powerful drink

11:41 AM – 16 Jul 2014 - Photo of the day? Costumed as a while drinking a

11:54 AM – 16 Jul 2014 - Ok “spanking his basil” may have to be another QotD

12:19 PM – 16 Jul 2014 - And I just gave my fedora away to a restaurant hawker

Happy 3rd

Happy 3rd anniversary to my blog. Traditional gift is leather and modern is crystal. So clearly I should buy this belt buckle in celebration, right?


Arty Tuesday: Candy – Paul Wonner

Another Paul AND another piece from the 80′s. Hmmm. Candy July is taking me in interesting directions.

Dutch Still Life with Cookies and Candy by Paul Wonner (1984)

Talkin’ Funny: Louisiana Style


Awesome explanation of some Cajun idioms…not so much what I grew up with in suburban/semi-rural New Orleans but definitely what I heard (and hear) the Lafayette area family say.

Originally posted on THE WORD O' WHEATON:

"My mama, she went to the store, her, and just left me out here."

“Mais, yall come see my new tricycle, cher!”

I must have been 17 years old before I ever uttered the phrase “come here.” And I did so only to make myself understood to what I thought was a somewhat dense Northerner, a Long Islander who couldn’t understand basic English.

In my part of the world, in South Louisiana, for some reason or other, we never said, “come here.” Instead, we said, “come see.” Always and forever, with no confusions or misunderstanding.

Yet the very first time I said “come see” in Southampton, New York, in the fall of 1991, the response was — well, I don’t have to tell anyone who wasn’t raised in Louisiana what the response was.

Me: “Come see.”
Friend: “See what?”
Me: “What?”
Friend: “Come see what?”
Me: Pause. Thinking. “Uh. Come here?”

And thus I switched from “come see” to “come here.”

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Arty Tuesday: Candy – Paul Serusier

While normally candy pictures make me happy, this one is so sad. His wares are melting in the rain.

The Candy Merchant by Paul Serusier (c.1894)

Arty Tuesday: Candy – Warhol

July’s theme is Candy so here’s a Warhol twofer:

Candy Box by Andy Warhol (1981)

And a photo of the artist with Candy Darling, a Warholstar.

Portrait of Andy Warhol and Candy Darling by Cecil Beaton (1969)






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