Arty Tuesday: Fall Leaves – van Gogh

I love when I find a piece by that I’ve never seen before from an artist that I knew well.

Falling Leaves by Vincent van Gogh (1889)

Van Gogh was a big favorite of my grandmother’s so his works always feel a bit like home to me.

Arty Tuesday: Fall Leaves – Munch

Oh look, Edvard Munch has other works besides the Scream (end facetious font).

Rain by Edvard Munch (1902)

Hope you’re enjoying some Fall weather wherever you are.

Arty Tuesday: Fall Leaves – O’Keefe

Living in NOLA, we don’t really have much of  an autumnal season, especially not in September when it’s still just hot. I’ve been places that have actual falls and the trees are pretty. So enjoy this month of colorful leaves

Autumn Leaves – Lake George, N.Y. – Georgia O’Keefe (1924)

Bonus Sunday Art post

I just ran across this photographer, Gray Malin and how I wish I could afford a piece. This Antarctica piece is the perfect respite to a broiling day in New Orleans.

Green Tube Triptych by Gray Malin

Arty Tuesday: Toulouse-Lautrec – Terrier

I love this one; the impressionist style is perfect for a terrier’s fur.

Margot - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1881)

Margot – Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1881)

And this adorable girl concludes August Dog art month.

*Edit* Looks like my original link disappeared so here’s this cutie again; see the Atheneum for  more info.

Ummm…what was I thinking?

I woke up from a dream early this morning and thought I should post that to my blog. And then rolled over and fell asleep. The only thing I remember about the dream now? That I wanted to post it and I think it involved the bike I had when I was 10 that was a hand-me-down from family friends.

The bike was bright green and I talked my Mom into buying me a purple glitter banana seat for it. And I know I had a flag on the back that whipped in the wind when you pedaled fast. 

Wonder what that dream was and why I thought I should post about it?

Arty Tuesday: Botero – Poodle

Oh my a Botero Poodle in his typical round style, just fantastic.

Poodle by Fernando Botero (1971)

August is dog art month!


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