Arty Tuesday: Botero – Poodle

Oh my a Botero Poodle in his typical round style, just fantastic.

Poodle by Fernando Botero (1971)

August is dog art month!

Arty Tuesday: Ito Jakuchu – Dogs

100 dogs & they aren’t Dalmatians.

One Hundred Dogs by Ito Jakuchu (1799)

August is dog month honoring my visitor from the beginning of the month.

Arty Tuesday: Escher – Dogs

In honor of my dog visitor, August will feature my favorite furry friends.

Dogs by MC Escher


#Dogfriends are the best friends

I have a #dogvisitor this weekend and I while I love having her. It makes me know I’m not yet ready for a new full-time dogfriend. Maybe because Cocoa is also elderly and has the same joint issues that Sienna did, it is making miss my old girl more. One day…

Arty Tuesday: Candy – Schadde Brothers

For the last candy post, enjoy these trade images from around the turn of the 20th century. I love that the Met has these in their collections.

[High Grade Jelly Eggs] by the Schadde Brothers (1890s-1910s)

[Filled Confections, Dainty Midgets and Spiced Satinettes] by the Schadde Brothers (c. 1890s-1910s)

[Satinettes, Filled Confections and Ye Old Style Stick Candy] by the Schadde Brothers (c.1890s-1910s)

[Spiced Satinettes, Nunsogood Dainty Cream Mint, Dainty Midgets and Fairy Mints] by the Schadde Brothers (c.1890s-1910s)

Of course, now I want to eat all the candy.

Arty Tuesday: Candy – Judy Sherman

This is the piece that sort of inspired by July theme. How could I resist Pez and a visual pun?

Batman and Robin by Judy Sherman (c.2014)

TotC 2014: Hurricanes, Hand Grenades & Shark Attack

For the 1st time in years, I actually attended a session and I sure picked the right one.

There were 4 speakers:

  • Richard Campanella on Bourbon Street
  • Wayne Curtis on Hurricanes
  • Brett Martin on Hand Grenades
  • Rien Fertel on Shark Attacks

I was waiting to post this since I hoped to have a video link from…but the audio is non-existent which is sad.  (Listen for your self)

We were given samples of the three drinks, although because of trademark reason we were technically drinking a bomb not a hand grenade. And the speakers were enthusiastic about their topics.

See below for tweets during the seminar:

10:31 AM – 16 Jul 2014 – I have already been given a straw fedora.

10:41 AM – 16 Jul 2014 – Craft cocktail enthusiasts may dismiss hurricanes but it’s been popular for 6 decades Craft cocktail enthusiasts may dismiss hurricanes but it’s been popular for 6 decades

10:41 AM – 16 Jul 2014 – Also hurricanes made with actual fruit juice ate dangerously delicious

11:11 AM – 16 Jul 2014 – As is talking about his hurricane research, I’m formulating search strategies

11:20 AM – 16 Jul 2014 – When I was I hs I had friends who eschewed the hurricane for the rainbow at Pat O’s. Or more classically the pousse cafe

11:20 AM – 16 Jul 2014 – QotD from : hurricane is the heirloom that you can drink

11:23 AM – 16 Jul 2014 – Omg I went to the tropical paradise at the 84 World’s Fair. Yes I was under age.

11:40 AM – 16 Jul 2014 – Remember when the hand grenades hit Bourbon. Definitely ‘s most powerful drink

11:41 AM – 16 Jul 2014 – Photo of the day? Costumed as a while drinking a

11:54 AM – 16 Jul 2014 – Ok “spanking his basil” may have to be another QotD

12:19 PM – 16 Jul 2014 – And I just gave my fedora away to a restaurant hawker


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