King Cake tally 2019 – Week 2

Since I had leftovers from all the king cakes last week, I slowed down a little this week.

2019-5: Caludas plain

So I guess this work king cake was technically a duplicate since I had a mini one as my first cake of the year. But the size difference does make a difference. And this one was a bit stale.

Caludas plain

2019-6: Hi Do plain

Thank goodness for King Cake Hub. I was able to grab this delicious Westbank cake on my way home from work. Wonderfully soft dough and it’s not too sweet. My favorite for the last few years.

Hi Do plain

Bonus week 2: because pastry isn’t enough, I stopped by a new chocolate shop. Look at this beautiful king cake flavored bonbon

Piety and Desire bonbon


King Cake tally 2019 – Week 1

Whew it’s going to be a long season. It’s week one and I’ve already sampled 4 different versions.

2019-1: plain mini from Caluda’s

Bought this because I was at the grocery on epiphany morning. I decided it was a sign. It’s about 2 servings and was a satisfactory place to start.

2019-2: Manny Randazzo’s

Cake 2 was at work and I’ve never been part of the Randazzo’s club. But when I removed most of the icing, it was a tasty dough.

2019-3: Cannatas berry royal

This was a weekly special at the new King Cake Hub. It was delicious but more like a danish, a really really good danish.

2019-4: Bittersweet Bakery traditional

This small bakery is so good. And there traditional does not disappoint, lots of cinnamon and a buttery dense dough. I may have eaten a huge chunk this evening.

If I keep up this pace, I might gain 30 pounds.