Arty Tuesday: La by Brassai

Well you know this photo is from South Louisiana because they’re drinking Falstaff beer… who knew it was National. I see the brewery building (now apartments) nearly every day.


Louisiana by Brassai (1957)

This couple could be my parents…except they didn’t start dating until 1959.


Arty Tuesday: NOLA by Degas

Since the last two Novembers I was traveling internationally, I chose those cities for my inspiration. Not this year. I am boringly staying home.

So inspiration comes from my city.


Cotton Merchants in New Orleans by Edgar Degas (1873)

By the way, you can visit the house where Edgar Degas stayed whiled visiting his family in New Orleans

Arty Tuesday: Skulls by Picasso

Happy Halloween! Enjoy some skulls and leaks from Pablo Picasso


Leeks, fish head, skull and pitcher / Poireaux, tete de poisson, crane et pichet by Pablo Picasso (1945)



Skull and leeks / Tete de mort et poireaux by Pablo Picasso (1945)

I think I prefer tete de mort to crane as a translation for skull.

Arty Tuesday: Skulls by Cezanne

Cezanne did many paintings that featured skulls. I couldn’t choose just one so enjoy a sampling.


Still life with skull, candle and book by Paul Cezanne (1866)


Still Life with Skull by Paul Cezanne (1898)



The Three Skulls by Paul Cezanne (c.1900)



Still life with three skulls by Paul Cezanne (c.1903)