Arty Tuesday: Purple – Monet

I wish I could see the brushstrokes on this purple painting

Purple Poppies by Claude Monet (1883)

Arty Tuesday: Purple – Braque

More purple inspiration

The Purple Tablecloth by Georges Braque (1936)

Arty Tuesday: Purple – Kirchner

Another purple one…

Girls with Purple Surrounds by Raphael Kirchner (1900)

Arty Tuesday: Purple – Matisse

In honor of Prince’s passing, May will feature the color purple. And this one to start off is too perfect. I can imagine it hanging in Prince’s atelier.

Woman In A Purple Coat by Henri Matisse (1937)

Allen Toussaint

I started this post back in November when Toussaint passed away so suddenly. I had all the feels since he is the soundtrack of NOLA. This weekend I was reading that Prince included 2 (or 3) Allen Toussaint songs on his must party song list…wish I could remember where I read this to cite it correctly.

On Saturday his likeness was added to the ancestors area of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. The image was not yet up on Friday when I attended so I look forward to seeing it this weekend when I go back.

So I give you my stream of conscious thoughts from 6 months ago. Here’s a bunch of posts that spoke to me from WWNO, David Simon, my friend Leigh, the New Orleans Advocate and even Instagram.

And some videos…

Toussaint playing Professor Longhair

Southern Nights live

Yes We Can Can

Arty Tuesday: Untitled – Haring

For my final Untitled posting for April…I would call this one Loup Garou.


Untitled by Keith Haring (1982)

Tough week

I attended funerals for the parents of three friends this week. So it’s been a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Add to that the death of a musical icon…And I was a bit of a mess.

Luckily, I attended Jazz Fest on Friday and was able to hear Janelle Monae who released her grief out into the universe during her Congo Square set. It was the most moving show I’ve seen in a very long time.

Check out some local press and some amateur video.




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