King Cake 2021 – pt. 1

2021 is getting away from me. We’re already 2 full weeks into King Cake season and I haven’t posted. Oops. And I have consumed a *lot* of king cake since the 6th. Hopefully I have photo evidence of all the types.

2021-1: Gracie’s Bakery traditional – My niece dropped off a king cake late on the 5th and I stayed up until midnight to eat it. AND I finished it the next day. Remember any king cake is a single serving if you believe in yourself.

2021-2: SugerLove traditional – Picked this up for my Mom’s house from King Cake Hub. It won a people’s choice award. It was fine but a little too sweet for me.

2021-3: Bittersweet Confections cinnamon – Also picked up from King Cake Hub, this is a really good small cake with a rich cinnamon taste.

2021-4: Hi Do bavarian cream – Hi Do is one of my top bakeries, but I wasn’t in love with the Bavarian Cream this year. Slight change in the recipe? Or me having an off day?

2021-5: Doung Phong almond – a friend dropped off a huge chunk of this to my house. I haven’t been as big a fan of the DP king cakes over the last few years, but the almond is amazing!

2021-6 & 7: Hi Do plain and cream cheese – My coworker couldn’t decide which one to bring in so he bought both. Hi Do plain is one of my top king cakes, just simple good brioche. And while I’m not usually a fan of cream cheese this was a nice filling and not gloopy.

2021-8: Bywater Bakery traditional – Another king cake delivered to Mom (and purchased at King Cake Hub). She said it tastes like another piece.

2021-9: Brennan’s Black & Gold – OMG. First by my family’s definition, this is not a king cake but it is amazingly delicious. It’s a chocolate brioche! I may have met my pastry soulmate. And the ganache on top is like eating a chocolate truffle. Purchased at King Cake Hub and so rich/yummy.

Phew… there was one duplicate in there of another Bittersweet Cinnamon which was left at my house.

Stay tuned for pics of my HouseFloat!

Carnival Wrap Up 2020

I forgot a king cake from last week.

2020-25 this last king cake of the season was a butter pecan from Molly’s Rise and Shine. This was amazing!

As for parades I think my final number is 31. Since I’m not even sure what day it is… Parade season is definitely a marathon.

And St Patrick’s day parades start in… Oh dear 10 days!

King Cake Tally – 2020: Week 6

I’m to the point in the season where I’m not really sure what I’ve eaten… or what day it is. And it’s also the point in the carnival season where my king cake numbers typically go down but the parade count is WAY up! Gotta work all that pastry off somehow…

2020-21 was a homemade King Cake made by a coworker. Instead of a baby, he put a Susan B. Anthony dollar in it! (sterilized of course). It was an interesting version with a boozy dried fruit glaze on top.

2020-22 was a blueberry from Bywater Bakery… which was rich and tasty but somehow isn’t really working with the dough.

The Hi-Do bavarian cream was a duplicate this week.

King Cake Tally 2020 – Week 5

I had 2 duplicates this week. Sweet delicious duplicates… another Caluda’s traditional slice (2020-1) and another slice from Tiger Bakery (2020-8).

2020-17 And then one of my awesome friend’s dropped off a Duong Phong cream cheese king cake last Wednesday which my coworkers and parents got to share with me. It was tasty but as usual the filling was a bit much for me so I only ate part of it.

2020 – 18 wow! This is the cannoli king cake from Nor-Joe’s. It’s an amazing mashup of the two treats. Rich and delicious but not too sweet.

2020 – 19 & 20 I didn’t snap photos. But I was able to taste small slices of Bywater Bakery traditional and Bittersweet Confections chocolate filled. Both were delicious.

King Cake Tally 2020 – Week 4

2020 – 14 and my first disappointment. I’m not big on filled king cakes because the filling is often poor quality. Yep. This pecan praline filled cake from Rouses was overly sweet and left a bad taste. Plus the filling was out of proportion with the dough. Better luck next time.

2020 – 15 while none of the Randazzo’s style king cakes are my favorite. This was fresh and cinnamony… With too much icing for my taste. But I bought it while waiting for Chewbacchus to parade and it was gone by the e d of the night.

2020-16 behold the beauty that is the simple HiDo traditional! I picked this up yesterday from the King Cake Hub and brought it to my parents. It was finished within hours. My Dad had 2 huge pieces so that helped. Fresh and light and not too sweet despite all the decorator sugar.

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King Cake Tally 2020 – Week 3

2020-10 yum #10 was a McKenzie’s traditional from Tastee Donuts. For this cake location matters and my coworker purchased it from the Clearview and West Metairie store. The taste of my childhood but fresher. My office was on this one like a ravenous horde.

2020-11 yummy French style Galette des Rois from Gracious Bakery with a real porcelain feves. Delicious and light. The only negative was that one edge was slightly over baked but I ate it anyway.

2020-12 another coworker bought a bonus Galette des Rois from the NOCCA Bakery via King Cake Hub. I’ve had this one before but the satsuma flavor was more pronounced this time so extra tasty.

2020-13 Um. Wow! I’d been hearing how delicious Bywater Bakery’s king cakes were so I grabbed this one from King Cake Hub. I opted for the Chantilly cream as the baker originated that popular cake in New Orleans. The cream is amazing and this is so decadent that it’s morphing out of king cake territory. But still amazing.

King Cake Tally 2020 – Week 2

I slowed down just a bit this week…

2020-7 was a tasty version from Robert’s grocery. Dense and heavy on the cinnamon.

2020-8 um wow! I bought a slice of this beauty from Tiger Bakery. It was soft and rich and yummy. And I loved the crunchy decor in addition to the sugar. Must go back and sample a filled version.

2020-9 Another tasty grocery cake. This time from Breauxmart. I love that they sell a mini version. Cinnamon rich and moist