Arty Tuesday: Break – Bannard

One final break for April

April Breakout by Walter Darby Bannard (1981)

King Cake tally 2019 – Week 8

So yeah this is days late and I think my thighs are now composed of king cake.

2019-15 homemade by a coworker

The chocolate glaze was interesting and he said it was over proofed but still tasty.


2019-16 Gracious Bakery chocolate

I really wanted to buy a nectar one and now I know much of my family is not into chocolate with pastry but I loved the seni-sweet filling. Plus it came with a king cake origin story from a local student writing program.

Gracious Bakery chocolate

2019-17 & 18 Nonna Randazzo’s traditional and cream cheese

No photos but my brother and sister in law brought 2 king cakes to the parade route on carnival day. It was so cold that we all needed the extra fuel.

4 weeks and 18 different samples. Yum…. Bring on the crawfish