Buddy Rich & Animal

I was reading something regarding the Jazz collections at the Library of Congress and realized that I had confused Max Roach & Buddy Rich somewhere along the line. Yes they are both amazing jazz drummers, but they have really different styles. What always makes Buddy Rich stand out for me is that he was the inspiration of Animal on the Muppet Show AND they played a drum battle together in 1980.


Arty Tuesday: 5 by Hongshu

July flew by so quickly, that I only realized yesterday that the first day of August was a Tuesday. And then I realized that there were five Tuesdays this month so that was my inspiration for art this month, the number 5.


The Mountain of the Five Cataracts by Chen Hongshou (1625)

I also learned that the cataract in the title refers to “a descent of water over a steep surface; a waterfall, especially one of considerable size.” Thanks, Dictionary.com

Happy 6th

I haven’t written anything about my anniversary of this space in a couple of years (July 2014 to be exact) but a conversation yesterday made me think that I might want to write something up this year.

I was sitting around with a friend who has started and killed a bunch of different blogs since I’ve known her (6 or 7 years?). Her blogs tend to be tightly focused on food, cocktails, fashion, dating, technology, what have you. She has many varied interests, but I think trying to keep her writing to one area is what caused each one to eventually die.

I know mine is a bit all over the map, but welcome to my brain. My art posts are consistent but art is a constant source of joy in my life. I was looking back at some of my poetry posts and maybe I should pick up one of the 3 books of poetry on my bedside table.

My life is very different from when I started, both easier and harder. And maybe I share a bit less than I used to.  But July continues to be a weirdly self-reflective month for me…which is how this whole thing got started.