Arty Tuesday: Green – Whistler

My mind turns to green when March hits since our short sub-tropical winter is ending and everything is growing.

Variations in Blue and Green by James McNeill Whistler (1868)

Plus now that the carnival season is over, it’s almost time for St. Patrick/St. Anthony parades.

Video Post: Tim Laughlin – Crescent City Moon

So the video isn’t anything to look at but sometimes you need a sweet, sweet clarinet to sooth your soul.

Arty Tuesday: Hearts – da Vinci

How can you go wrong with a da Vinci anatomical drawing?

Heart and its Blood Vessels by Leonardo da Vinci

Public Shaming in NOLA


wpid-20150215_115429.jpgSomeone stole my down-the-street neighbors water meter cover, during Carnival. Neighbors were considerate enough to move their trashcans and then post this note shaming the thief.

You know the water meter cover that was stolen:


Here’s my favorite water meter cover theft story from 2008, driving drunk with stolen goods.

Mardi Gras 2015 wrap up

My favorite float of 2015 – Picasso in Hermes

Final parade count was 33…not that I saw every float in every parade. I missed exactly one parade that rode on the uptown route this year and that was Crescent City yesterday. If I’m going to miss one then a truck parade usually is it.

King Cake final tally was 19 (with 1 duplicate) since I had a mini-king cake from Rivista yesterday (purchased on Lundi Gras). It was tiny bit stale…which was on me obviously and more like a croissant but much appreciated as we walked to Zulu on Tuesday morning.

My favorite parades are still the old like krewes because they have the prettiest floats…yes, the superkrewes (traditionally Endymion, Bacchus & Orpheus but Nyx is actually the 3rd largest krewe these days) are flashy but for sheer beauty, I’ll take Proteus or Hermes or Babylon or even Rex (although they emphasized moving parts over beauty this year). For great photos check out UptownMessenger‘s photo galleries.

And so now we repent…and I attempt to give up cursing. We’ll see how that’ll work.

Arty Tuesday: Hearts – Ay-O

Happy Mardi Gras!

Heart Sutra by Ay-O (1981)

This piece has heart in the title but the image makes me think of the organized chaos of NOLA carnival parades.

King Cake 2015 Tally pt.6

February 10 – Haydel’s Original (what they call their plain) – since this was one of the 2 bakeries near my house, I can’t believe it’s a month when I first got a piece. It was as delicious as you could want.

February 12th – Rouses bavarian cream – thankfully my piece didn’t have much of their pudding-like cream. Otherwise an acceptable bread

February 13th – Laurel Street Bakery – bready and delicious with just the right amount of icing and sugar. Much lighter than the last time I had one.


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