Arty Tuesday: Skulls by de Zurbaran

Another Tuesday and another skull…


St. Francis Contemplating a Skull by Francisco de Zurbaran (c.1635)


Arty Tuesday: Skulls – da Vinci

I couldn’t really resist human skulls this month. And when an artist gets hold of a skull, it seems to be used again and again. How we can resist depicting this symbol of our own mortality.


View of a Skull by Leonardo da Vinci (c.1500)


View of a Skull by Leonardo da Vinci (c.1489)

Weirdly, since I work at a medical school, I see students wandering around with skulls in boxes every fall.

Arty Tuesday: 6 by Basquiat

If you’ve been paying attention, I do love the dynamism of Basquiat’s work and would love to live in a world where he lived longer to see where he would have gone with his art.


Six Crimee by Jean-Michel Basquiat (1982)

All the works this month were from the 20th century.
September themes previously were: pieces owned by NOMA (2012), sun (2013), fall leaves (2014), watermelon (2015), parrot (2016).