Arty Tuesday: 6 by Heron

Patrick Heron is another new to me artist. I’m guessing the 6 here, refers to the composition number not the content. But I could be wrong…


Six in Light Orange with Red in Yellow by Patrick Heron (1970)

All pieces this month are from the 20th century


Arty Tuesday: 5 by Ruppersberg

Last 5 for August… Featuring the Harvard Universal Classics… or the Dr. Eliot’s Five Foot Shelf


The New Five-Foot Shelf of Books by Allen Ruppersberg (2001)

This image reminds me that my grandmother bought this set of books for my father when he decided to go to college (the first person on that side of my family to do so). I think they’re still in storage at my parents’ house, if marauders haven’t chewed them up.

Buddy Rich & Animal

I was reading something regarding the Jazz collections at the Library of Congress and realized that I had confused Max Roach & Buddy Rich somewhere along the line. Yes they are both amazing jazz drummers, but they have really different styles. What always makes Buddy Rich stand out for me is that he was the inspiration of Animal on the Muppet Show AND they played a drum battle together in 1980.