Watermelon update

After I researched my watermelon art pieces for September, I knew I needed some immediately! I went to my neighborhood grocery and they had these adorable “personal” sized seedless watermelons. Not quite as delicious as a regular one but more adorable. I patted in my basket like a new toy the entire way through the grocery. I cut it up last night and am already half finished.

Arty Tuesday: Watermelon by Kahlo

September’s posts are inspired by this article about comparing modern and historical watermelons from paintings.

Viva la Vida, Watermelons (Viva la Vida, Sandias) by Frida Kahlo (undated)

Also because watermelons from the Gulf Coast are delicious.

Arty Tuesday: Fish by Calder

I wish I could see this in movement…and it’s housed at the Hirschorn in DC. So maybe I can make that happen!

Fish by Alexander Calder (1944)


I guess I’ll have to make do for now with this timelapse video of Untitled (1976) at the National Gallery of Art.

How to deal with ghosts…

look it in the face the bad spirits can’t abide being looked at in the face and the good spirits  will look you right back

I just found this draft and it’s just a fragment of a quote from the Benjamin January book series, maybe the 7th volume. For whatever reason this really resonated with me, this is my methodology when walking down city streets by myself. If a passerby won’t look me in the eye, then I’m wary.


Arty Tuesday: Fish by Bruegel

Bruegel’s pieces weird me out a bit. Despite being around 450 years old, his work looks so modern to my eyes. Maybe he was a secret time traveller?

Big Fishes Eat Small Fishes by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1556)

Arty Tuesday: Fish by Yoshiba

Enjoy some fishy pieces for August…

Sea Fishes by Toshi Yoshida (1975)

Arty Tuesday: Fish by Escher

Depth by MC Escher (1955)

This piece just hollers, “Fish are friends!” at me.


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