Arty Tuesday: Giving – Matta

Because of Give NOLA Day (May 5th), this month’s theme is Giving. Another amazing painting where I’m not sure what’s going on but I know I just want to stare at it (preferably the original) for hours.

To Give Painless Light by Roberto Matta (1955)

Arty Tuesday: Giving – af Klimnt

Because of last week’s Give NOLA Day, this month’s theme is Giving. I’m not really sure what this Swedish mystic meant but I know it’s mesmerizing.

Atom Series, No. 8: Atom on the ether plane is in constant change between rest and activity. At the rest it pulls itself inwards. This affects the earthly atom as giving of force. by Hilma af Klint (1917)

Plastic Jesus by Gal Holiday

Heard this on my way home from work the other night…such a great version, love the harmonies.
The video is a little shaky since it’s shot by a fan at Jazz Fest in 2012.

Arty Tuesday: Giving – Pippin & GiveNOLADay

This Tuesday is not just about art it’s also Give NOLA Day. Today only if you donate to one of the registered charities the Greater New Orleans Foundation will add a little lagniappe in to the coffers. Last year, $2.25 million was raised in 24 hours (midnight to midnight Central Daylight Time). Please consider donating to one or more of the 500+ registered charities.

And for your attention, I and Horace Pippin offer our thanks!

Giving Thanks by Horace Pippin (1942)

Arty Tuesday: Eggs by Pratt

Final egg post for April…all the eggs are used up.

Eggs in an Egg Crate by Mary Pratt (1975)

Arty Tuesday: Eggs by Saru

While this is a modern painting, I immediately thought of Vermeer’s Woman reading a letter.

The Beautiful Meditation On An Egg by George Saru (1983)

Arty Tuesday: Eggs by Warhol

Fast forwarding 500 years from last week, we have Andy Warhol. Love the candy colors in this weeks selection.

Eggs by Andy Warhol (1982)

Eggs by Andy Warhol (1982)


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