Arty Tuesday: Flag – Finster

Final flag post for the month…

Flag by Howard Finster (1991)

Friday pick me up

So much sadness out in the world…

Sometimes a little Adele with a New Orleans Bounce beat is what you need to get through the day.

Arty Tuesday: Flags – Boshier

I love discovering new artists while researching my monthly topics…

Flag by Derek Boshier

There isn’t a year on this piece and I didn’t find it listed on Boshier’s website but obviously it has to be fairly recent.

Arty Tuesday: Flags – Monet

Happy Bastille Day which like most things is celebrated here in New Orleans…and I’m continuing my flag theme.

The Rue Montargueil with Flags by Claude Monet (1878)

Arty Tuesday: Flags – Hassam

This month’s them is flags. Enjoy

Avenue of the Allies (aka Flags on the Waldorf) by Childe Hassam (1917)

Arty 4th!

Have a bonus art post for Independence Day here in the US. While I’m not always a rah-rah America first, kind of person. I do appreciate the nation into which I was born.

Flag by Leo Villareal (2010)

Hope y’all are all having fun!

Arty Tuesday – Advertisements by Kirchner & Haring

Today’s advertisements are all about that evil weed. Who could resist smoking after seeing these pieces from 1900 and 1987.


Cigarettes of the World – Miss Edith by Raphael Kirchner (1900)

Cigarettes of the World – A’Ala by Raphael Kirchner (1900)

Cigarettes of the World – Zariza by Raphael Kirchner (1900)

Cigarettes of the World – Khe Di Va by Raphael Kirchner (1900)

Cigarettes of the World – Musette by Raphael Kirchner (1900)

And finally for a more modern take (although I think the cigarettes are sort of french fry looking…or maybe I’m just hungry).

Lucky Strike by Keith Haring (1987)


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