King Cake Journal 2016 – Week 4


street king cake

Jan. 29 – Nonni Randazzo – On the parade route, mooching off of friends. I’m a rebel so the Randazzo family of king cakes aren’t my favorite but who turns down a slice?

Jan. 30 – Freret Street Donut Shop – Everyone who sampled this cake at my house over the weekend was really impressed. It was cinnamon-y and moist with just the right amount of icing. And the baby was actually baked inside which is getting harder to find these days. Now if I can just figure out who left the empty box on the counter to taunt me…

Jan.30 – Tastee Donuts/McKenzies Recipe – Thanks to my mom bringing me a nice chunk, I got to have some of this NOLA classic. Prior to McKenzie’s closure, there was a small bakery in almost every neighborhood in the GNO. And it was affordable! I remember getting snacks after school with my lunch money. And there cakes are still one of my favorites, a soft slightly sweet brioche with fine sugar only, no icing. My Mom was really disappointed that they don’t bake the baby in any longer…well really it was shoved into the underside of the cake while being decorated but close enough.

Jan. 31 – Cartozzo’s – Street king cake! While you’re at the parades, vendors are offering wandering through selling stuff…mostly personal pizzas from a national chain. But I bought the last $5 king cake from a lady on the route on Sunday. The cake was weirdly square but still tasty.

Feb.3 – Hi Do apple filled – I’m not normally a fan of filled king cakes, but the exception is this Vietnamese bakery. Their fillings are fresh and delicious but my their prices have gone up in the past couple of years.

Arty Tuesday: Carnival – Teniers

It’s a very short Carnival season this year with Mardi Gras on February 9th.

So this month’s theme is carnival.


Carnival: the King Drinks by David Teniers the Younger (1690)

See y’all out at some parades.

King Cake Journal 2016 – Week 3


Baker Maid box is pretty

Slow week with only 2 cakes sampled…although I did finally finish the Antoine’s cake that lingered in my house for too long, must find smaller cakes.

Jan.22 – cream cheese from Robert’s – I tried to get rid of the cream cheese but it was really well incorporated (a rarity) and wasn’t awful so yay for that.

Jan.27 – traditional from Baker Maid, purchased at Langenstein’s – I was excited to see this Baker Maid cake at work today. I’ve really enjoyed their cookies in the past and it didn’t disappoint. Very cinnamon-y which offset the icing which wasn’t too thick… and I got the baby on the first slice!

Arty Tuesday – Cake by Fish

One last cake for January!

Coffee Cake by Janet Fish (2003)

In NOLA those New Year’s resolutions start with Lent, which is just over 2 weeks away. Whew.

King Cake Journal 2016 – Week 2


Personal King Cake – Croissant D’Or

Jan.13 – lemon filled from Rouse’s – ugh this lemon was like a chemical wash and it permeated the dough so I couldn’t scrape it out. AND it didn’t really taste like lemon.

Jan.17 – plain personal size from Croissant D’or – OMG so delicious. It was the perfect size for 2 people…or y’know one starving one.

Jan.18 – plain from Antoine’s – The salesperson was kind enough to try to find the one with the least amount of icing. It was so fresh and delicious. Antoine’s is the answer for folks who aren’t fond of all the sugar crystals. They have sprinkles instead.

Jan.19 – plain from Chez Pierre – Oh My! Finally a king cake where I actually like the icing, maybe they add a smidge of cream cheese to make it less sweet? This was a moist and delicious cake and they smell in small sizes which is getting harder to find.


Croissant D’Or personal King Cake – about to be gobbled up

Arty Tuesday – Cake by Pantazis

Still more cake…

Still Life with Cakes and a Silver Teapot by Pericles Pantazis (unknown)

King Cake Journal – 2016 – Week 1

Breaux Mart, small plain king cake

Breaux Mart, small plain King Cake

It’s time once again for my annual King Cake diary. I know y’all were missing it. This past week I did myself proud by sampling 4 different versions…I could have had a 5th but turned down 3 day old king cake that had been sitting out at work all weekend. *I know* How did I resist?

Jan. 6th – plain from Robert’s – the kickoff at work. Tasty grocery store cake that was very cinnamon-y and not too much sugar.
Jan. 7th – strawberry cream cheese from Haydel’s – sampled at my parents. Honestly, I pulled out the ribbon of strawberry cream cheese and handed it to my brother. Moist and tasty without the icky cream cheese.

Rivista - Mexican & Spanish King Cakes

Rivista – Mexican & Spanish King Cakes

Jan. 9th – Mexican and Spanish individual cakes from Rivista – these were 2 mini cakes…I hate to say personal because each was ideal for 2 people. The Mexican was a delicious brioche dough and not too sweet with yummy dried fruit on top. The Spanish was another brioche but split and layered with a yummy cream in the middle. DELICIOUS.
Jan. 9th – Plain from Breaux Mart – as I was on #auntduty, I ended up with a 3rd king cake to humor the nieces. This had way too much icing for me but was otherwise tasty. The 8 year old niece disagreed as she licked all the icing off the top.


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