Arty Tuesday: 20th Century Family by Moore

Something about Moore’s work just gets to me.


Family Grown by Henry Moore (1949)


King Cake 2018 – Week 1

gracies bakery

Small Gracie’s Bakery King Cake

KC 1 – Cinnamon from Gracie’s Bakery. Wonderful homemade style braided king cake with a hint of almond.

KC 2 – Cinnamon from Monkey Monkey. I’ll wait for this standalone bakery to get it’s practice in before buying a cake next year. This one was a little dense, as if the 2nd rise didn’t quite take.

KC 3 – Cinnamon from La Louisiane.  First work King Cake of the season, and it was tasty but maybe a tiny bit stale. But this is one of those cakes that is sold at 2nd party retailers so that happens.

KC 4 – cream cheese from Brennans? I think. I went to a party last night and they had slices of king cake on a tray. One of the hostesses told me that Brennans had produced the baked goods so I’m sure it’s a catering option. It was a little stale as one would expect from a pretty sliced king cake sitting out. But the cream cheese filling was very tasty and the perfect ratio. 


KC Soda

Abita King Cake Soda

Other 1 – Bro4 left a bottle of Abita King Cake soda in my fridge last year… year before? Saying “it’s really bad.” So I popped it open when my family was at my house for Epiphany this year. Think creme soda with cinnamon flavoring. I served it in shot glasses. The 10 year old niece and my 78 year old mom liked it best. Both saying it was really sweet.

Other 2 – king cake cotton candy by Poof. Disturbingly accurate